Pocket Reference App PROMO


I LOVE this app from Life Science Publishers SO MUCH that I am wanting to GIVE you this app!!

From Nov15 to Dec31, enroll 5 new members with at least 100pv/Premium Starter Kit & help them start on Essential Rewards, and I will gift you AND them this amazing Reference Guide APP* because my whole team is amazing, and I want to share the Oily love!!

You can do this!! 💪🏻

*redeem your apps by emailing me with your new members and member #’s @ revwellteam@gmail.com

FOR EVERY NEW MEMBER YOU SIGN UP WITH AT LEAST 100pv or with a Premium Starter Kit, you will automatically be entered to win a RAINSTONE DIFFUSER, and it comes with two free oils!!

All your friend needs from you is your Young Living member number, which was assigned to you when you signed up with your Starter Kit.
Simply have your friend go to youngliving.com and click on Become a Member to get started! They will fill in your member number into the Sponsor and Enroller fields.
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