End of Month Special – 3 Amazing Items to Try, FREE!

Happy Monday!!

The weather is changing quickly, and time is not slowing down – am I right?

Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves like we should, so that’s why I’m sending you this email today.

Young Living is ALL about helping people become better, healthier versions of themselves, and with over 600 products that YL offers, it makes it SUPER EASY to get on the path of better health and wellness!!

With the end of October being just HOURS away, I want to offer a special incentive just for YOU!!

I will send you a sample of the amazing Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream, a special immune-supporting rollOn blend, AND a sample of the great Thieves Household Cleaner!!

You can get ALL THREE of these items when you place an order of at least 100pv between NOW and 11pm central time tomorrow (10.31) – YES, this is a FLASH PROMO that I hope YOU will take advantage of. These are samples of some of the BEST products Young Living has to offer, and I can’t wait for you to try them 🙂

What’s Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream?
This is an OVER THE COUNTER natural product, made with a blend of pure essential oils, natural ingredients like aloe leaf juice and mango seed butter, it has all-natural menthol and methyl salicylate – this cream offers instant relief from the aches and pains of everyday life. It helps to alleviate pain deep in the muscles and joints, while also providing a cooling effect.

What’s the rollOn?
I’ll be sending you a specially made immune supporting rollOn of a blend of essential oils that will be pre-diluted to apply to all skin types, including the skin of little ones. Who doesn’t want to be healthy all season long? This blend will have some essential oils in it that are super-supporting to your body’s immune system, giving you the warriors it needs to protect from the yuckies going around.

What’s Thieves Household Cleaner?
Thieves Household Cleaner is BY FAR the greatest cleaning product I’ve ever used. I use it on EVERY surface of my home, and I use it with confidence knowing how effective it is, as well as how HEALTHY it is for my pets and I to be walking around on the floors with bare paws and feet 😉
Have littles crawling on the floors or picking food up off of high chairs or tables? Sometimes we forget what we clean with is also getting into our bodies through skin and mouth contact – feel confident knowing that Thieves Cleaner will clean and disinfect, and that you’re not using harsh chemicals that could upset the body with overuse or over-exposure.

Okay, you’ve got the facts of these special items that I’m offering – are you ready to try them out?

Here’s how:
1. Sign into your Young Living account at youngliving.com
[if you do not know your member number, simply reply to this email and I can help you with getting that] 2. Click on Quick Order and select the products you’d like to order, and be sure the order PV is at least 100pv. Perhaps you’re running low on some of your favorites, or would like to try something new – like Savvy Minerals makeup, or an item from the Seedlings baby care line… If you would like some ideas on what to order, Young Living’s entire product guide is available with this link: tinyurl.com/discoveryl
3. Complete your order! That’s it!!!

If you order at least 100pv between now and 11pm central time tomorrow (Oct. 31, 2017), you’ll receive an email from me validating your order and confirmation that you will be receiving the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream sample, the immune-supporting rollOn, and the Thieves Household Cleaner sample.

SO HURRY!!! Time is running out!!

-Kristen Daschke, Young Living Gold
Revolutionary Wellness Team